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About American Express

Vision and Mission:

Our vision is to acquire and manage complementary foreign exchange products that serve the high net inbound tourism, outbound tourism, Hajj & umrah, corporate and government departments.

Strategic Planning:

American Express - CTI will meet its objectives via its strategic partnership with American Express (Pty) Ltd, a division of Tourvest (Pty) Ltd, joint venture control, joint venture relationships and formation of BEE consortium.

The end result must be financially beneficial to all role players with a definite bias towards black economic empowerment, affirmative actions and skills transfer.

Structure of American Express - CTI:

Andrew Mc Donic - Director:

Managing Director American Express Foreign Exchange, a division of Tourvest (Pty) Ltd

Products & Services

American Express Foreign Exchange has been offering its business clientele an economical and efficient means for managing foreign denominated transactions since 1891.

Delivery Services:

Exchange rate & commission charges:

Refund Services & Delivery:

Hadj & Umrah Services: